A Wedding Florist in Portsmouth, Hampshire

You’re Getting Married, how incredibly exciting!!

Dont get alarmed get excited! You're in love and want to make it official! now thats what we call magical!

We do all the work so you dont have to! From the GRAND entrance, to the tables & the chairs, we can provide all the floral elements and so much more. We have props and our balloon team can create back drops and moon gates and so much more to suit your budget.

You want DRAMA we can do drama. If you want to be soft and romantic, we love romantic. Its your wedding so make it about you.

We know all weddings and events are completely unique. We use our expertise to deliver a tailor made package to complement your ideas. We will capture the essence, the style and ambience you wish to create by accenting with wonderful flower designs.It is your wedding so you are at the centre of all the creations, we just tease a little essence of it from you!

We know that there is so much to think about and to decide on. When? Where? Who’s coming? What do I need to do? Who do I need to tell? The list is endless! And now you have started to think about your flowers.

At Blooms & Balloons we have over 30 years experience from the buttonholes to the grand entrance. We have been blessed to have taken part in international schools and be trained by brilliant world recognised designers so we can give you the best of our knowledge. What we haven’t forgotten though is our roots and this is how we KNOW we can help you. We have been blessed to cover weddings in Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex and Gloucestershire, so we are always happy to travel for our clients.

From little intimate weddings with just a few favoured guests to large stately home weddings, each one will have the same dedication to it, because YOU matter to us.

WE cover Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex and all other places if we have the whole wedding package

With the internet as it is today, we have most ideas at our finger tips, and lots of people advising and giving us ideas, but sometimes we just want to speak to someone who can give us good old fashioned, genuine, face to face help. This is why we always begin the wedding process with a one to one consultation outside of store hours so that you can have our full undivided attention.