Karla, Floral Designer


Karla has been working with flowers since she could just about walk, well maybe a little older but not much!

Her exams and stuff She has a recognised level 5 qualification in Floristry, formally The NDSF, her teacher training Cert Ed and Assessor awards, She is now fully onboard as a 'Balloon trainer with BAPIA' and a bag full of cetificates in some crazy subjects, including barbaring ! ( Claim to fame was having the highest marks in the country for that year in the level 4 ICSF in the practical exam.)

She was lucky enough to start her florist life working for some super florists that were considered rather elite for the time, and she was privvy to go along to Chelsea flower Show and Hampton court to name a few as part of the design team back in the early 80's (for the Teleflorist team and The Society of Floristry), albeit as one of the ones in the back putting all the thousands of stems in water. Sheila Searle (Hurst) still keeps Karla on her toes and she is now 86 !

Karla's bosses were both brilliant teachers with very different approaches which then gave her the skill sets for teaching Floristry for over 15 years and in house training. Still to this very day she drives the team insane as she always goes into teaching mode. Every day's a school day.

Karla has designed gardens and created spaces for outside, flew to DUBAI to look at designing a space for a private ZOO.

Royalty has held some of Karla's flowers also walking amongst a whole plethora of designs at the renowned South of England Show, headed by Karla whilst Tutor at Brinsbury College.

Spare time antics are pretending to be a mermaid, dancing like Tina turner and cake eating ! All this can be seen whilst working with exception of being a mermaid, but in moments of madness this can happen. Never without a phone camera or big camera, driving her family mad ! Loves a photo opportunity whatever the composition.

Karla's aim is for her and the team to be recognised for their skill and attention to detail. To be known as forever elevating their work and striving to find new ideas and being challenged! to be known for creating ALL the floral work for events and being creatives. Florists have always been the experts on Decor, anyone trained to higher levels is worth valuing for there skill set and this is where Karla would like all great florists to come back to!


Lylee Junior Florist

Lylee is joining the team this summer 2023,which we are really excited about. Her enthusiasm and determination to learn is truly refreshing. So we've asked her a few questions about what she likes and how she's feeling about starting ! So here goes!

Whats your favourite food

I love Italian, I could eat pasta every day !

What music do you like to listen to ?

Ooh, I like 70’s, Fleetwood Mac is my favourite, Its between,Rhiannon and The Albatross that I like best!

How's College going ?

I’m just finishing my level 3 floristry course. I have been studying at college for 2 years whilst working at Blooms & balloons as I had to do my work experience in a shop so I worked alongside Karla , Sarah and Tracey.

How do you feel about starting at the shop fulltime and becoming apart of the team ?

I'm so excited. I get to do what I love everyday rather than once a week. I know I am going to learn so much because these guys have been doing it forever and know so much !


Tracey, Floral Designer

Tracey has been a florist for near on 40 years, or at least started her journey in the flower world way back then !

Tracey trained to gain her level 3 City and Guilds at Brinsbury college. She worked for a very prestigious florist in Emsworth where she insists she learnt the hard way, strict rules and no breaking them ! The old fashion way of earning your stripes, how us old ones like to refer to our training as, no short cuts or watching videos ! ( Though there is some great stuff out there if you look carefully.)

Tracey loves all things crafty, from florals to fairies, she loves fairies so much she has her own little fairy house business !
When she’s not throwing excellent dance moves she delights in her grandchildren. The loves of her life !

Tracey loves to throw a party, cooking, dancing, though her singing is on a par with Sarah’s, best done alone up a mountain ! After a couple of gins she has a penchant to thinking she sounds like Julie Andrew’s, but people humour her because she is such a fabulous entertainer and laughing is her other love !

Tracey’s pet hates

Spiders ( Sarah and Tracey have spider patrols in place), flying, time wasters, and untruths ! She calls a spade spade and sometimes maybe shouldn’t call it anything !