Subscription in a box

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Local date is Wed 10th Aug 2022, 00:26
Local date is Wed 10th Aug 2022, 00:26

Subscription in a box

An extra Special gift for someone who either has all they need or seriously loves being creative.

Whether you choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly, the gift will bring a big smile and something special to the day.

We will choose the best florals of the season so the recipient may receive different types of flowers each time their box arrives. You may choose the main colour as you will know what they prefer or just click random choice and they will get a suprise each time.

We will include foliage though its up to the imagination if they wish to add more. We also will include a care leaflet and reference to our 'caring for your florals' page, and some post harvest conditioner (flower food basically)


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