Chulips and Chocolates !

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Local date is Tue 9th Aug 2022, 23:29
Local date is Tue 9th Aug 2022, 23:29

Chulips and Chocolates !

What more can we say. This gorgeous living vase filled with spring Chulips (Tulips) and chocolate. (this arrangement is subject to availability of Tulips. We will use other seasonal flowers if necessary to make sure you have a delicious gift)

Most importantly you will have a splash of spring flowers in your home, check out our 'caring for your florals' page to advise about tulips.
( After spring we will change the flower content)

THEN..... to top that 
There are 10 delicious bars of chocolate from the Cadburys range. (please check wrapper for allergies) We will select a mix from flake, wispa, twirl ,double deckers and crunchies, these may vary.

What a splendid gift to share,not share..... share..... NOT share... tee hee x.

 Follow advice on care packet for flowers x

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