Blooming Perfect Ava's "Banana Head Bouquet supportingDiabetes

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Local date is Sat 18th May 2024, 05:15
Local date is Sat 18th May 2024, 05:15

Blooming Perfect Ava's "Banana Head Bouquet supportingDiabetes

A beautiful banana (yellow) coloured bouquet with lots of yellow florals, with a super  duper yellow wrap. It will wear a sticker saying its for diabetes and also will have a leaflet from the Diabetic UK charity.
A care package is added to enhance the life of your flowers x

Why's it Ava's? And why's it Banana head?

Here's our story. My nephew was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was roughly 19 months old. He has managed his diabetes with amazing help from his parents, thankfully my sister had specialised in this when doing her nursing training. Most people have no idea or realise the impact of diabetes on youngsters and that potentially it is life threatening if disrespected and not managed properly. Limbs can be lost and eyesight diminished, AND it DOES have life changing problems, you cannot do all that others can.

One thing Connor and Abbey had hoped when they had their daughter, Ava, was that she would not be diabetic. Ava is just 6, full of life and vibrancy! She has watched her daddy use insulin and witnessed her daddy being low and having to manage his food intake, which is very frightening  as it can change your mood but Ava has been a great inspiration for her daddy!

On November 14th 2020 their worst fears came to challenge them. Ava was diagnosed in Manchester hospital as a Type 1 diabetic and will have to inject insulin for the rest of her life; though Ava has taken it all in her  spritely stride!

Oh, i forgot.... why Banana head... well that's easy, Ava's a banana head... though she says she's not!!!

Thank you for supporting diabetes when you purchase this bouquet. It changes lives. 

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