3-8-1 I love you

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All year round Love !
Have you ever been lucky enough to receive 381 on a card? If you have then you know exactly what it means, if not then let us tell you…

‘3 words, 8 letters 1 meaning’       I love you.

We have used 3 white roses, for purity of the relationship, 8 pink for the friendship built in the relationship and 1 red, simple to stand out and say I LOVE YOU.

Due to a very high demand on our drivers we CANNOT Guarantee ANY timed am/pm delivery. We are so sorry for this and will endeavour to get all deliveries out as soon as physically possible.

Why fresh flowers and why roses? Great questions
Like all true relationships, fresh flowers need nurturing, ignore their needs and they will fade, forget to look at them, you miss their true beauty.
Roses…. well they are a little more complicated than your more average flower, just like a love relationship is, it needs a little more care and acknowledgement.

Your flowers come arranged in a gorgeous wooden container and the metal number tag can be removed and kept as a wonderful reminder of your loved one x

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