2-2-4 2day 2morrow 4ever

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All year round love !

2day 2morrow 4ever
Do you use this number combo? Have you received it? Well, here is what 2-2-4 symbolises 2-Day 2-Morrow 4-Ever.
 If you received a 2-2-4 rose design, you would know that YOU are loved straight from the Heart!
2 white to resemble you both 2 pink hearts & 4 red forever’s 2-2-4 or 3-8-1(see our other fab number design) … who knew flowers could make your heart sing.
We did…… x
Your flowers come arranged in a gorgeous wooden container and the metal number tag can be removed and kept as a wonderful reminder of your loved one x

Due to a very high demand on our drivers we CANNOT Guarantee ANY timed am/pm delivery. We are so sorry for this and will endeavour to get all deliveries out as soon as physically possible.

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